Switchyard Brewing Co.

Switchyard Brewing Co.
Payment Method: Lightning

Switchyard Brewing was founded in 2014. They brew, can, and keg their beer in their downtown Bloomington, Indiana taproom.

In their own words:

We believe that hand-crafted, small-batch beer is best made using the best ingredients at the peak of their flavor. We believe that the best tasting food is grown within an easy drive of our community.  We believe that the collective is stronger than the individual.  Most importantly, we believe that business can be a catalyst for positive change in our community.

As of March 2022, Bitcoin via the Lightning Network is an accepted payment method: https://www.switchyardbrewing.com/switchyard-brewing-accepts-cryptocurrency/

At Switchyard, we have always worked to challenge the status quo and the perceptions of traditional business. The developers, miners, and adopters of cryptocurrency are exactly the same. Adopting alternative payment options that don’t involve high transaction fees or a centralized processor aligns with the craft brewing industry’s mantra of “damn-the-man” ethos.

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